It was a joy to be with you at the Journey. This website will help you deepen what we discussed and
apply it now that
you are home.

Gary Zukav

Here are some of the things we discussed at the Journey to the Soul

  • The New Species – Consciousness Transformation
  • Multisensory Perception
  • Personality
  • Soul
  • Authentic Power and External Power
  • Aligning Your Personality With Your Soul
  • Frightened Parts of The Personality
  • Loving Parts of The Personality
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Responsible Choice
  • Intuition
  • Difference Between Intuition and Your Emotional System
  • Equality
  • Inferiority and Superiority
  • Spiritual Partnership Guidelines

    • Commitment – Making My Spiritual Growth My Highest Priority
    • Courage – Stretching Myself Beyond The Limited Perspectives Of The Frightened Parts Of My Personality
    • Compassion – Seeing Myself And Others As Souls Who Sometimes Have Frightened Parts Of Their Personalities Active
    • Conscious Communication And Action – Striving To Make All My Interactions Conscious And Loving