AI and Human Evolution

Gary Zukav

Human evolution is now an internal process, not an external process.

An unprecedented and epic transformation to human consciousness is occurring now. The old human consciousness was limited to the perceptions of the five senses, and it understood power as the ability to manipulate and control. That is external power. Individuals with the old human consciousness evolved by surviving, and they survived by pursuing external power. Human evolution was an external process. Pursuing external power now produces only violence and destruction. It prevents human evolution.

The new human consciousness is not limited to the perceptions of the five senses, and it understands power as the alignment of the personality with the soul. This is authentic power. Individuals with the new consciousness evolve by growing spiritually, and they grow spiritually by creating authentic power. Human evolution is now an internal process. Creating authentic power requires awareness of human inner experiences. That is why AI cannot affect human evolution.

Humans create authentic power by repeatedly choosing to act or speak with an intention of love instead of an intention of fear while fear is active in him or her. Choosing (volition) is a human inner experience. Intending is a human inner experience. Intentions of love and intentions of fear are qualities of consciousness (a human inner experience). All forms of love (gratitude, appreciation, patience, contentment, awe of the Universe, and more) are human inner experiences. All forms of fear (anger, jealousy, superiority, inferiority, overwhelm, and more) are human inner experiences.

Human evolution can no longer be separated from human inner experiences any more than water can be separated from a waterfall.

AI is irrelevant to all of this.

Artificial intelligence is not artificial. It is a more accurate, faster, more effective, and more efficient re-presentation of the real thing – the human intellect. It also has the same intrinsic limitation – it cannot experience. It cannot experience its interior dynamics because it has no experiences or interior dynamics. It is a program, a tool. The intellect and its new big cousin, AI, can emulate, imitate, calculate, evaluate, deduce, describe, compare, conjoin data, and conclude to assist humans in the pursuit of external power – which now produces only violence and destruction – but they cannot experience any of the human inner experiences that are now necessary for human evolution.

Like gunpowder, missiles, and the internet, AI will change human history, but it cannot affect human evolution.

Only we can do that.

We were born to do that.

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