Gary Zukav

The consciousness of the human species is changing in an epic, unprecedented way, and it is changing very fast.   Our old consciousness was limited to the perceptions of the five senses – what can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled.  That is five-sensory perception. The new consciousness is not limited by the five senses.  This is multisensory perception.  The new consciousness is emerging in thousands of millions of humans, and thousands of millions more are being born with it.  All humans will be multisensory within a few generations

Humans with the old consciousness understand power as the ability to manipulate and control. That is external power.  They evolved by surviving, and they survived by pursuing external power.  Humans with the new consciousness understand power as alignment of the personality with the soul – with harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.  This is authentic power.  They evolve by growing spiritually, and they grow spiritually by creating authentic power.

The old consciousness is dying, and everything built upon it is disintegrating.  The pursuit of external power prevents our evolution.   It now creates only violence and destruction.

This is the new lay of the land.

Social structures are crumbling.  They cannot be fixed, because they are not broken.  They are obsolete.  Every form of governance built by the old consciousness is disintegrating.  The American form of governance is one of them.  It was designed to harness conflicting pursuits of external power for the common good.  Now there is NO GOOD to the pursuit of external power, and it is failing. 

Politics in every collective created by the old consciousness, including the United States of America, is cruel, uncivil, and thrashing about in its agony.  It is disconnected from life.  Only an entirely different kind of power can change this – authentic power.   Only you can create authentic power, and you can create it only in yourself.

Humans with the old consciousness have an uncrossable barrier within themselves between “in here” and “out there.”  That barrier is not part of the new consciousness.  The new consciousness contains entirely new experiences – we are not separate from the world, from one another, from anything.  There is no “out there,” there are no “others.”  There is One, and all is that.

Humans with the new consciousness see that they can change the world only by changing themselves.  Humans with the old consciousness believe that is impossible.  Humans with the new consciousness see that changing a world built on external power with more external power is the impossible.

They see that conflict, bitterness, disconnection, and rage, and also that kindness, connection, caring, and love, are in them.  If they want the world to be kind, they must become kind.  If they want the world to be caring, they must become caring.  If they want the world to be loving, they must love.

They know where the work needs to be done.  They do not look to others to do it, because there are no others, and this is the work they were born to do.

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