Happy Birthday Gary!

Oh my, where do I begin? Your book Seat of the Soul has touched my life and changed me as a human being forever. I have read it and re-read it so many times over the years, it is my “go to” when I feel I am losing my way and it has never failed to inspire me and set me back on the path of light. I remember the first time I read it-the ideas were so radically different than anything I had ever considered before. I recognized it as “TRUTH” immediately, and shared the book with anyone who was open enough to see. They say when you are ready The Teacher will appear, and this was certainly true in my case. Gary, since first discovering you (thank you Oprah) I have read your many books that have come after, the last one being Spiritual Partnerships. I have hung on to your every word during your rare interviews. You are one of “The Chosen Few”, those enlightened beings who share their wisdom and love and truly do change those whose lives they touch. Thank You! I love you because my life is better because of you, I am a better person because I you, I have progressed so far because of you. I love you because I am a better teacher because of you, I am a better role model for my young, impressioinable students, who are amazingly astute and do recognize authentic power when the see it. What a gift to be able to share your truth with the next generation! How Blessed I AM! Although I have read many books by many other teachers over the years, you remain for me the Guru.

Happy Birthday with LOVE FOREVER

Cheryl Miranda