Happy Birthday Gary,

With love and Best wishes from your student and follower John Eivers, what an inspiration you have been in my life.

You helped me be more open with my parents and clearer and braver about my soul’s purpose for my life, even if I still have a long way to go to complete my tasks hear on the Earth school, like overcoming fear and addictions and applying myself more. Hopefully I will get them done and learn to ‘live fully, love openly and make a difference in this life’ as Brendan Burchard says.

You help bridge the gap between what we can sense and what we are only beginning to sense as multi-sensory human beings, thank God for your life. You have been a revelation and a guidance to me. I am so glad Oprah showcased your life’s work to the world and I am so glad that Ricardo from Peru ( my angel) brought the book, ‘Seat of the Soul’ back into my life in 2005, just when I needed it and we studied it together. I look forward to hopefully meeting you and Linda some day in this life. And I look forward to meeting up with Ricardo again, who I have lost touch with. I am sure he would love to meet you and wish you a happy birthday too. All the best and God Bless, love John Eivers

I wish you health, wealth, happiness and a long long life ahead! John Eivers