Journey to the Soul 2022 RETREAT FAQ's

What are the tech requirements for participating in the retreats?

You will need:

  • reliable Internet connection
  • the ability to be viewable on video for the whole retreat (audio-only participation is not an option)
  • access to Zoom (it’s free)

Instructions will be sent when you register.

Can I participate from a public place like a library or cafe?

You will have your camera on throughout the entire retreat. You need a space where you can ensure privacy both visually and verbally for yourself and your fellow participants. You will also need to be interruption-free during the whole retreat, including your small-group work (they will be depending on you!). For some, this will require a little effort but it is critical.

Do you still offer the annual in-person Journey event in Portland, Oregon?

Not at the present time. Due to the current reality of the coronavirus, shifting from an in-person event to an interactive online event ensures everyone’s safety, no concerns about social distancing or traveling.

That said, we are very happy that this format makes it more accessible for those who couldn’t travel to Portland to participate and opens up a truly global opportunity for learning and connection. Also, each of our online retreats is carefully designed to be very experiential, intimate, and fulfilling. Expect to be engaged, connected, and enjoy yourself.

What can I do to prepare between now and when the Journey begins?

There are several recommended activities for you to do before we meet together, which people in the past have always reported as finding helpful and enjoyable. If you have the time and want to dive in, here are several options for doing so, though none are required:

  • Read or re-read The Seat of the Soul.
  • Read or re-read The Mind of the Soul (July retreat) and Spiritual Partnership (October retreat). 
  • Start practicing what you are learning in the books with people in your life.
  • We will be sending additional emails to further support you as we get closer to the event/events.

What do you mean that the retreats are “live and interactive”?

This online format provides experiences for participants to get out of their comfort zone and s-t-r-e-t-c-h themselves. These are not “information only” gatherings — no “Zoom-snoozing” here! They are engaging, participatory experiences that include small breakout groups with specific topics and exercises; in-depth sessions with Gary and Linda; opportunities for Q and A; and solo time to integrate your learning. Your full presence and participation are being counted on.

Participants in our online retreats have said that the new technologies used to support partnering and small breakout groups allowed for a level of sharing that was intimate and authentic. The tools that Gary and Linda teach throughout the event will continue to support you in the creation of Authentic Power and Spiritual Partnerships once the event is over.

Why would I want to participate in the Journey to the Soul retreat if I have already read the books/attended a previous Journey?

The invitation is to put what you have read and resonated with into practice in your life more fully — to truly accelerate your spiritual growth and bring others into your life who are striving to do the same. Your life, exactly as it is, in any moment, is ready for you to apply the Journey teachings and tools and see for yourself what happens when you do.

There is also tremendous value in being in community. You will be practicing with like-hearted peers who are on a similar quest. We call that spiritual partnership: partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. These interactions will greatly enhance your spiritual growth.

Is this regarded as a “teaching” or a “philosophy”?

Creating Authentic Power is not a religion, philosophy, theory, or dogma. You will learn and practice with practical tools that will enable you to learn about yourself and to speak and act consciously. We encourage you to experiment with what you learn and apply it in your life. Creating Authentic Power and being in Spiritual Partnership is a practice and a way of being in the world.

Will my spiritual beliefs be compatible with creating Authentic Power?

Creating Authentic Power is becoming the authority in your own life. It requires experimenting with tools such as emotional awareness and responsible choice. In our experience, learning to use these tools is supportive and powerful no matter what path you are on.