Dear Gary –

Happy Birthday to you!

My name is Katharine and I am an often guest on your seatofthesoul-site. I
appreciate Lindas idea to share your Birtday with you – we are ALL-ONE.
It is a pleasure to me to send you my best wishes for a Happy Birthday
– even from Europe – to you. I live in Munich and I am very touched by you
as a healing soul .

You may laugh now very loud – but when I “met” you first time in the world
wide web I wonderd myself in which age you are – you look so young and
happy. Honestly spoken I gave you not more than 60…….. and surfing
again on your site I read your blog about Birthday and Death Day ……. and
found Lindas invitation to “take part” in your Birthday Celebration. What
a great idea!

Though we live thousands of miles apart we have found each other. And by
the way there was still another support from another wonderful soul in the
earth school who adviced me the way to you : Neale Donald Walsh and his
inspireing conversations and helpful books. So we are all connected in a
powerful and amazing way with each other……… it works!

Gary – enjoy your birthday and I would like to say THANK YOU for assisting,
giving healing and such an inspiration to me. Thank you for this gift
straight from the heart.

PS: sorry for my english – I hope you understand all in a good and right way

Giving you a big hug and sending you best regards and wishes for good
health, happiness, joy and inspiration.
Love, Katharine