Dear Mr Gary Zukav

I’m grateful for this chance to tell you how, because of you, my views on life advanced…beyond dark thoughts of suicide and which way best to die and self-berating inner talk and ceaseless thoughts of “WHY???” Why is life so difficult? Why on earth do I exist? Why, if I’ll die anyway should I not just slit my wrists? I would go on except that I’m sure you know the drill the endless ways the mind finds to keep from being still. And to keep us from the present, where peace is to be had and things are merely as they are and neither good nor bad. In no small part it’s thanks to you I know I’ll never find external ways to go beyond incessant monkey mind. Now, instead of over-eating or reaching for a drink, I witness all the crazy stuff my mind decides to think. But, for me, I think the key thing that I really want to mention is the change I have experienced, since setting my intention… before attempting this or that, I now will often check and ask “Why am I doing this?”, it only takes a sec’; but it makes a huge, huge difference, ’cause a lot of times it’s clear my intentions were to mask or numb an unexamined fear. My life’s a work in progress and I falter all the time; my intention was to keep this short and write a concise rhyme. I’m sorry this is so long, but just one thing left to say. Well, two… thanks for the insights and… of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

From Marcelle