Chapter 1: Evolution

No understanding of evolution is adequate that does not have at its core that we are on a journey toward authentic power, and that authentic empowerment is the goal of our evolutionary process and the purpose of our being.
Gary Zukav

The Authentic Power Guidelines

The Authentic Power Guidelines are designed to help you grow spiritually in every circumstance. They are reminders for you to make more healthy choices when you are judging others for what they are saying or doing (feeling superior) or feeling like you don’t have anything to contribute (feeling inferior), or talking all the time instead of listening or trying to be invisible. Use them in your Study Group, if you are in a Study Group, and when you are alone. Keep them with you until you know them in your heart. Then use them as often as you can remember.

You will find a different Authentic Power Guideline to practice with in your life on each chapter Study Guide page. Click Here to download all the Authentic Power Guidelines.

COMMITMENT- Making my spiritual growth my highest priority

1. Focus on what I can learn about myself all the time, especially from my reactions (such as anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, and impatience), instead of judging or blaming others or myself.


Audio Meditation on Evolution

I created each of these Meditations specifically for you to bring you a wonderfully relaxing experience and a deep and joyful journey into the healthiest parts of your personality. Each one takes you energetically to a central part of the chapter you are studying.