Chapter 8: Intention II

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“The human emotional spectrum can be broken down into two basic elements: love and fear.”

- Gary Zukav

The Authentic Power Guidelines

COMPASSION- Seeing myself and others as souls who sometimes have frightened parts of their personalities active.

8. Change my perspective from fearful to loving (choose to see myself and others in a loving or appreciative way).


I created each of these Meditations specifically for you to bring you a wonderfully relaxing experience and a deep and joyful journey into the healthiest parts of your personality. Each one takes you energetically to a central part of the chapter you are studying.

Now that you’ve completed Chapter 4, you may have some questions that need answers. The Seat of the Soul LIFE SCHOOL allows you to ask me and Linda Francis your questions personally. To find out how the Life School can support you in creating authentic power in your everyday life, visit or click the LIFE SCHOOL tab at the top of the page.

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