There is a segment of my Toastmasters meeting that is called Table Topics. This is when a few members are chosen randomly to come one at a time to the podium. Once at the podium, the member is asked an equally random question and is to talk for a few minutes on that subject (or if you are like politicians, switch to something you do want to talk about). The object of this exercise is to become better able to think and respond quickly. A few weeks ago, I was chosen and the question I was asked once I was standing at the podium in front of a group of people was ‘Who has been the most important person in your life?’ I thought a moment and then began by saying that there have been many important people in my life but if I must pick one, it is Gary Zukav. Even though I have often told people how grateful I am for the things I have learned while attending Seat of the Soul events and even though I did not hesitate when I answered the question, I don’t think I really had felt how important what Gary has brought to my life is to me until I said that aloud in front of those people. I did wonder after I had left the meeting if the people there would have understood why I answered the way I did but I quickly let that thought go because I knew what I had said was absolutely true for me.

Whenever people ask me what I have learned from participating in Seat of the Soul events, I say for me it is most importantly two things – how to view myself as a creator in my life as opposed to a victim and how to feel connected to everything in the Universe. At the point in my life when I first came to an event with Gary and Linda, I was feeling very pessimistic about life – so much so that I probably appeared to be in need of anti-depressant medication. I had never resonated with any of the approaches to life I had heard before. Listening to Gary and Linda has opened up a whole new world for me. And they attract many people from all over the world who are open to this approach to life.

Happy Birthday to Gary and Happy Birthday to Linda

With Love,

Sharon Jones