Birthday Wishes

I first became aware of Gary Zukav when I saw him on the Oprah show discussing his book “Seat of the Soul”. There was something that resonated with me. I bought the book and tried to read it several times. I just couldn’t get into it. I was struggling with myself and my life situation and the book just didn’t seem to apply to me and my life.

Then mid 2003 I picked up the book to try again. It was as though the book was written specifically for me and my ideas, my mind and my whole person connected with the words and ideas Gary was sharing. I felt alive with possibilities which I hadn’t felt for a long time even though my life situation had not changed. Less than a year later, my husband with whom I had shared my life for 36 years announced he was sure there was someone else who could make him happy. He had reconnected with a womon he had known in high school. I was hurt but at the same time I felt alive; I felt my life open with possibility and was grateful for being alive and being given another chance.

Whenever I would feel anger, bitterness or all those negative emotions that were associated with my circumstances, I would feel and remember Gary Zukav’s perspective. Many friends, family and acquaintances were sure my joy, my love and my positive attitude were just for show. The more they were around me the more they realized it was genuine. I was told several times that I looked younger. I certainly felt it.

By being so positive, I truly have found positivity radiating back to me. I also recognize that as I was gaining strength from changing my perspective on life and myself, I was pushing away a man who could no longer control me and make me weaker. When I have been asked if I could ever forgive this person, I honestly feel I have nothing to forgive him for. He was being true to himself. Once I forgave myself for not having the strength to leave I have embraced my life and fully intend to live the rest of the journey I have on this physical plane and beyond with as much love, nonjudgement and joy as I possibly can give and receive. For this I thank Gary Zukav for giving me the proverbial “kick in the ass” I needed.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary and Linda at a workshop. Being able to thank him personally and to see the acknowledgement in his eyes when I said I no longer have the need to explain as I “know” was and extreme honor. I have a picture of myself with Linda and Gary that was taken at the workshop. It sits on the corner of my desk in my office at work. It continuously reminds me to live my life with awareness, love and be fully conscious of the intention I have whenever I choose to say or do anything.

Happy Birthday Gary from a huge fan and a grateful fellow human being. I am sending a huge hug and lots of love.