When I first arrived on Okinawa more than fifty years ago almost everyone told me that I would not want to leave at the end of my tour of duty. They were right. Okinawa’s white sand beaches and turquoise waters were breathtakingly beautiful. Lush green covered the island, and I slowly discovered how much I […]

The Most Dangerous Virus

Many people are speaking now and frequently about fear – of the political situation, unstable markets and weather, and now, a virus. Concern about the virus is now surpassing the other fears that frightened parts of our personalities put on inner display daily for us, if we are willing to look at (experience) them instead […]

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Once there was only one ball, and it hypnotized us. It seemed to cause our joy and pain and our pleasure and misery. It seemed to cause everything, and everything depended upon it. That ball was the world. Now another ball has appeared, and it has become the new star of the show. The show […]