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Birthdays and death days are markers on a soul’s journey into awareness and freedom. Not all souls choose experiences of physicalness – learning in the domain of time, space, matter, and duality that we call home for a short time. In fact, in which we experience time. I look at each incarnation into the Earth school as a dramatic act of spiritual responsibility and each departure of a soul from the Earth school as a return to nonphysical reality – our common home before and after our experiences on the Earth.

Only a soul knows when it will return home, and when it decides to return home, nothing can stop it. Until then, nothing can make it return home. This may sound strange because so many forms of death, such as illness and violence, appear undesirable to us, but what your soul wants and what your personality wants are not always the same, unless they are aligned. My adopted Sioux uncle spoke of the “other side camp” where we travel after death. When I ask him about it, he would answer with a story, as he often did. One of them was about a relative (he saw all people as relatives) whose death was deeply grieved. He described him as walking up a ridge toward the setting sun. There is much wailing and cries of “He’s going! He’s going!” When he reaches the top, he turns his back to the sun and waves goodbye a last time, and then he turns toward the sun again and disappears over the ridge. A great cry goes up, “He’s gone! He’s gone!” On the other side of the ridge another great cry goes up, “He’s coming! He’s coming!”

We come from love and we return to love. What we do in between is the substance of a life. In my opinion, the purpose of every life is now to create authentic power – to align your personality with your soul – and thereby give the gifts that you were born to give. Our gifts are many, and the only thing between us and giving them is fear. Creating authentic power is learning to distinguish love from fear inside you and choosing love no matter what is happening inside you or outside of you. This requires practice. It requires awareness and volition. What else do you have your life for?

I have lived seventy winters in the Earth school, and I am grateful for all of them, even those that were painful. My life did not need to be so difficult – I didn’t know about creating authentic power earlier – but the richness I experience now is a result of taking advantage of opportunities to grow spiritually that each year in the Earth school gave me. We all encounter continual opportunities in the Earth school to grow spiritually – to create authentic power. My greatest joy is using mine wisely and supporting you in using yours wisely.

I am grateful to share this anniversary of my entrance into the Earth school with you, and to honor you.

Linda & Gary
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