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I am so grateful for the many sharings I have received in celebration of my 70th birthday. They arrive daily from North America and around the world – Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, from young, middle-age, and elderly people, male and female. The flow of emails, video recordings, audio recordings, images, and poems is a river of love. It thrills me, and I love sharing it with you. ( Sharing a river of love, swimming in a river of love, and shaping your life into a river of love are experiences of authentic power and creating it. The gifts of the heart that are flowing to me reflect the gifts of love that flow to each of us daily, moment by moment, lifetime by lifetime. In the new and unprecedented phase of our evolution that we have entered, love stands at stage center. Previously that position was occupied by survival. Our evolution now requires more than survival. Our fulfillment also now requires more. They both require love.

Love is abundant, but our experiences of it are sometimes scarce. In some cases, there is very little experience of it, but love is always there, like the sun shining above an overcast sky. Under the overcast, we see only gray. Above it, all is vibrant and colorful, clean and clear, unlimited and inviting. Creating authentic power is distinguishing between love and fear and choosing love, no matter what is happening inside you or around you. It is the purpose of your life, the path of your fulfillment, and the source of your joy, all in one. Fear is the overcast. Love is the unlimited and vibrant sky. Creating authentic power is recognizing when you are under an overcast and using your knowledge of clouds, sky, and sun to remember the sun and where it is. You do that when you are consumed with anger, jealousy, or resentment, and decide NOT to act on it. You do it when you are in the grip of an obsession (such as holding a grudge), a compulsion (such as workaholism), or an addiction (such overeating, smoking, gambling, or sex) and decide NOT to act on it.

When you deliberately choose to act instead from the healthiest part of your personality that you can, a part that is grateful, for example, or appreciative, patient, or content, the overcast no longer shapes your experiences. You reach for the sun, and the sun reaches back to you. You invoke healing, and the Universe responds. Even if the part of you reaches for health is very small, that is the part the Universe backs.

Sending your gifts of love to me is a choice of love. Sending your gifts of love to any one is a choice of love. Choosing to receive the love of others is also a choice of love. Choices of love are the only choices that can change your life, and only you can make them. I am grateful for your choices of love. I strive to make them also. Each time I do, I become a cocreator of a world based on the intentions of the soul – harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life – instead of a cocreator of a world based on fear – discord, competition, hoarding, and exploitation.

You can see your sharing on You can also go there to enjoy being immersed in love. If you have not already sent a sharing, you can email it to Please give us a week or so to post it.

Linda & Gary
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