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A live event with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis is a profound, life-changing experience. Begin your personal journey into evolutionary spiritual growth today. Become the creator of your life!

Wednesday, July 21st – Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Spiritual Partners Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Journey to the Soul 2021


Expect extraordinary. At this unique moment in human history, we are all being asked to step into new ways of being. Gary and Linda are rising to the occasion by offering this year’s Journey to the Soul Retreat in a new online format that makes it much easier to participate — all you need is an online connection — and to immediately try out what you are learning in your own life. It is designed for real people with real lives seeking real change.

Wednesday, July 21st – Sunday, July 25th, 2021

September 2019 – August 2020

Authentic Power Immersion

Authentic Power Immersion

When Life Becomes your Spiritual Practice, Everything Changes…

The biggest challenge in a spiritual life is putting the truths we learn into actual practice in our lives, to move from simply understanding concepts to making new choices. The Authentic Power Immersion takes place across twelve months through a highly experiential combination of online and on-site teachings so you can weave what you are learning into daily life. Authentic Power Immersion is a program like no other. One that changes the way you do things and what you think is possible from the moment you start participating. Use your everyday experiences to grow spiritually. Experience your life as a gift. See what’s possible.