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Our work with spiritual partnership has been a truly amazing adventure that continues to evolve every day. As we give workshops and continue to experience the profound transformations many of you are having, we realize that spiritual partnership is a practice that we are each creating together at this exciting time in human history—and each of one of us has an important piece of the puzzle.

Each transformation, each true commitment to practicing spiritual partnership makes a difference. Your experiences are an important part of our collective discovery of what spiritual partnership—in the service of deeper love, truth, and authentic power—really is in the 21st century. And we would love to hear more!

So please post your comments, thoughts, and inspirations on Gary’s Facebook page and this blog. Share your reviews of Gary’s book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you have seen our Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power book trailer and been moved by it, please share it with the important people in your lives.

We all are at the beginning of an extraordinary adventure as we explore and discover how true spiritual partnership has the potential to transform our lives and our world. Thank you for joining us in creating the future together. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Linda & Gary
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