What Gives You Meaning in Your Life?

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Contributing to the new humanity gives me meaning beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. I write books, give events, and create programs to teach about creating authentic power—aligning the personality with the soul so that we can transform ourselves with our own wills instead of trying to change others.

I am filled with meaning when I am giving a gift to Life. Sometimes when a chapter that I am writing comes to an end, or I reread a chapter that I have written, I cry without being able to stop because I am so grateful to be allowed to write these words and share these thoughts.

I am filled with meaning when I see that only I can change myself for the better with my own awareness and my own will, and no one else can change my life for me. I am filled with meaning when I see how much people suffer, including me, when they need to change others in order to feel worthy and safe and how futile that is.

I am especially filled with meaning when I see a part of my personality inside me that I need to change in order to feel safe and worthy and I strive to change that instead of change other people. I know that I am changing the world in a permanent, irrevocable way when I do this. I challenge my own anger, greed, jealousy, superiority, inferiority, or need to please instead of judging others when I see these things in them, and I cultivate my own patience, gratitude, contentment, and caring when I recognize them in me instead of thinking that only others can give these things to me.

What gives you meaning in your life?

Linda & Gary
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