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Did you find yourself getting really caught up in this event or caught up in what you heard about it? Did you find yourself taking sides? Did you find yourself really disliking some people and agreeing with others? Did you know that you could use your experiences as an opportunity to grow spiritually – that you can actually learn things about yourself from your reactions to what happened at this event or what you learned about it? That is what this article is about. It is to remind you that everything is an opportunity for you to grow spiritually.

To do this, begin by looking at the individuals you witnessed or heard about that you dislike. Put your attention on your interior experiences of dislike. The politics and ideology of these individuals are beside the point. The point is your experience of dislike or repulsion. Recall a particular individual who especially repulsed you.
Make a list of everything you dislike about this person. Take your time and put everything you disliked about this person in your list. Include your minor dislikes as well as your most intense experiences of disgust, if you had any. Review your list carefully when you are with yourself. Then – one by one – look inside yourself for the things on your list! At first you may feel that none of them exists in you, or even could exist in you, but assume for the moment that they do. Eventually – if you apply enough courage, integrity, and commitment – you will find them. When you do, a miracle will happen.

Your disgust will disappear. Your heart will open. You will see these behaviors from the inside, so to speak, from an internal perspective – your internal perspective. You will experience what they feel like in you because you have experienced them before and acted on them before. Then connection with that individual is possible. Loving action is possible. You may (probably will) continue to oppose the politics and ideology of that person, but you will no longer hate him or her. You may take the same actions, but you will take them with compassion in your heart. This is not easy to do, but the miracle is worth your effort.

What is more worthy of your effort?
Linda & Gary

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