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Most individuals believe that people or circumstances cause their emotional pain. They say, for example, “He broke my heart.” They make themselves victims. Creating authentic power shows you that you are not a victim. You discover that your emotions are created by dynamics inside you. When you focus outside yourself, these dynamics remain intact to be activated again. Each time, they generate the same or similar emotions in you.

You have experienced these painful emotions in other places and times with other people. The individual you believe is causing them now is actually the latest in a series of individuals who have activated this dynamic in you before. When you focus on the activator, you miss what got activated.
Creating authentic power brings your attention to what got activated and how to move beyond it. Once you begin to create authentic power, you will not squander your energy raging, weeping, or withdrawing – in other words, trying to change the world. You will direct your attention inward to discover and move beyond the dynamic that is creating – and has created in the past – the painful emotions that are tormenting you now.
Authentic power replaces unconscious choices with conscious choices, and painful consequences with joyful consequences. You were born to create authentic power
Linda & Gary
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