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Linda and I spent a wonderful two weeks in Japan. I was curious about how open the Japanese would be to authentic power and spiritual partnerships (partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth). They are very open. They drank in everything we shared and asked for more. A magazine that interviewed us last year doubled the number of pages devoted to this year’s interview and is publishing a Special Edition to feature it. People at our workshop, both men and women, who were somewhat reserved at the beginning became warm and loving family members to us and one another by the en

Five-sensory Japanese finger-paint the symbol for “Small” on the foreheads of female neonates at birth and the symbol for “Big” on the foreheads of male neonates. (They really do.) This may sound shocking, but if we look around us we will see that Americans do the same, except without the paint. The root cause of assigning different values to souls in the Earth school is fear, and fear is part of the human experience. When we judge other cultures, we indulge fear. When we judge anything we do the same. The Japanese participants in our workshops wanted to learn how to challenge fear in themselves, not change other people. They came to create authentic power instead of pursue external power – the ability to manipulate and control.

The thirst for authentic power and the natural attraction of deep and substantive relationships among equals are multisensory experiences, and they are emerging in millions of individuals around the world – Japanese, American, Brazilian, Chinese, young, old, wealthy, and indigent. They are emerging in you, and they are emerging in me.

Linda and I love sharing about authentic power and spiritual partnerships, and we love experimenting with them in the Earth school.

Linda & Gary
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