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Imagine a community that includes everyone. This is impossible from the perspective that is limited to what we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. From this perspective power is ability to manipulate and control, and everyone seeks it. Survival requires it, and human evolution requires survival.

From this perspective, communities are good things. Individuals who dress, behave, think, and believe alike are safe in them. Communities are shelters of sameness, and they are effective. As we become multisensory and begin to experience ourselves and our world beyond the limitations of the five senses, we recognize something so evident that we are shocked not to have seen it before. Communities do NOT bring individuals together. They keep them apart! They separate differences forever because frightened parts of our personalities forever fear differences.

Now we are leaving the domain of the five senses behind. Survival is no longer sufficient. Our evolution now demands spiritual development, and spiritual development opens the waterways of love. Soul-to-soul connections sweep away all distinctions between personalities – color, size, appearance, and belief. They become inconsequential to personalities as consciousness of their souls emerge within them.

We want to include, not exclude. We strive for love, not fear. Our emotions inform us, nonphysical Teachers assist us, and we ourselves choose the roads we will travel. All lead to home, and we are all travelers – now waking, now welcoming others along the way, now emerging with astonished eyes into a community without boundaries that includes everyone – the Biggest Community – and recognizing it for the first time as the home that has always been ours.

Linda & Gary
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