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Last week our granddaughter graduated from Oregon State University. Linda and I were thrilled. The guest speaker surprised everyone. Instead of the usual encouragement to climb mountains and follow dreams, he suggested that the graduates be kind. “As you grow older,” said this wise and accomplished Turkish businessman who also has founded a four-year university in Turkey, “you will find that your most fulfilling moments will be times of giving or receiving kindness.” I agree. Dreams, aspirations, and successful ventures are not difficult to accomplish compared with developing kindness toward others and toward yourself. When you are encapsulated in a frightened part of your personality – such as anger, jealousy, despair, superiority and entitlement, inferiority and need to please – how can you experience kindness for others or for yourself? How can you experience kindness when a frightened part of your personality wants to kill someone or kill itself?

Our species is expanding in its perception beyond the five senses. Getting the job done, finishing first, having it all – now lead nowhere. These goals are parts of the pursuit of external power. External power is the ability to manipulate and control. Pursuing external power now creates only violence and destruction. Our evolution now requires us to create another kind of power – authentic power. Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul. It is the ability to distinguish in yourself the difference between love and fear and choose love no matter what is happening inside you (such as anger, jealousy, etc.) or what is happening outside you (such as a 911-type event).

If you are called, we invite you to attend our annual summer retreat this year, the Journey to the Soul, in Portland Oregon and learn about authentic power and practice creating it and spiritual partnerships. The Journey is different each year, and Linda and I enjoy more and more sharing it each year.

Eventually we will all graduate from the Earth school. When you do, kindness will be your way of life, your joy, and your fulfillment.

Linda & Gary
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