Moments with Marianne – Internet

Listen now – Are you searching for authentic power? Authentic Power is the alignment of your personality with your soul and it is a new vision of power and hope in this time of extraordinary transformation. Universal Human gives us new tools to grow spiritually and shows us how to transform everyday experiences of hopelessness, […]

I’m Thankful Network – Seattle

Listen now – or, use this link to download the mp3 file so you can play it later  Gary Zukav on I’m Thankful Radio You are a powerful, creative, and compassionate spirit. What you create, you experience. Learn how to distinguish love from fear, and choose love! An enlightening one-hour interview with Sue Lundquist on Radio for Inspiration, […]

Rhythm and Flow
Radio – Dallas

Listen now – or, use this link to download the mp3 file so you can play it later  Gary Zukav on that Celebrity Interview What are you learning in your relationships? Listen as Gary shares how to use all of your relationships as vehicles to change your life. An inspiring 20-minute interview with Valder Beebe on Rhythm […]

The Catherine Bradford Show – Seattle

Listen now – or, use this link to download the mp3 file so you can play it later  Gary Zukav on the Catherine Bradford ShowWith the transformation in consciousness comes a new form of relationship, a new definition of equality, and a new way of being. What will you do with your multisensory awareness? An […]

The New Male and Authentic Power – Internet

Listen now – or, use this link to download the mp3 file so you can play it later Gary Zukav on the Ultimate Men’s SummitIn this amazing interview for THE ULTIMATE MEN’S SUMMIT, Gary gives both men and women an overview of the emerging New Male and New Female, what they are looking for, and […]

The Ongoing Conversation The Ongoing Conversation Since 1998, bestselling author Gary Zukav has joined Oprah Winfrey 34 times on her show. The result is an engaging, ongoing conversation between Gary and Oprah that has deeply inspired millions. I am delighted to announce my talk with Oprah Winfrey from the Super Soul Sessions in April, 2017, is now […]

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis Share Their Insight

An Interview With Bonnie Goldberg I had the great pleasure of speaking with Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul, and his spiritual partner Linda Francis. I am delighted to share with you their beautiful insight. B: I’ve heard you talk about authentic power. What do you mean by authentic power? GZ: Life with […]

Explore Multisensory Perception and Spiritual Partnership

Explore Multisensory Perception

With Gary Zukav Gary Zukav is the author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics and The Seat of the Soul. He has been on The Oprah Winfrey Show numerous times, and as you will see, there is good reason so many people are grateful for his work. GZ: We are […]

Coronavirus – Opportunity Or Obstacle

Corona usually refers to an aura (visible appearance) of plasma (ionized gas) around the sun. The coronavirus that is infecting humans for the first time (which is why we have no immunity) is covid-19. It is a type of coronavirus, just as “rose” is a type of flower. Yet covid-19 is a bloodless, lifeless term […]

Coronavirus – The Heart of the Matter

share on social media [Sassy_Social_Share] All my life I have gone to the heart of the matter. When I graduated from college, I volunteered to fly fighters because I felt that was the heart of the Air Force. My eye sight prevented me, so I joined the Infantry because I felt that was the heart […]

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