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Every eclipse of the sun represents symbolically the activation of a frightened part of your personality. While that part is active, it obstructs the experience of your love, which is represented symbolically by the sun. Yet in the midst of that obstruction there is a great deal of power and beauty that is visible physically in a total eclipse of the sun.
While the darkness obstructs the sun’s light, the great power of the sun can be seen around the perimeter of the darkness as bursts of energy, as brilliant displays of light. These are reminders of the cause of the darkness. It is an experience of a frightened part of your personality that is active. That part of your personality eclipses your love, and yet it is in consciously going into that experience of darkness that you develop the ability to move beyond its control. That is represented by the brilliance and power that is visible around the perimeter of the darkness when the eclipse is total.
When love is obstructed totally, there is still the power of love surrounding that obstruction. It is the reason for that obstruction – so that you can experience the obstruction, get to know it fully, and challenge it as it occurs and when it reoccurs – so that when it comes you recognize it for what it is, a temporary eclipse of your love.
Linda & Gary
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