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The signal-to-noise ratio tells us how clearly we receive information. Little noise and mostly signal is good. Satellite, cell phone, and TV reception are clear. Static, cross-talk, and other signals are bad. The signal is blocked.

Anger, jealousy, superiority, entitlement, inferiority, need to please, obsessive thoughts (She’s so stupid; I’m so stupid), compulsive activities (workaholism; perfectionism), and addictive behaviors (smoking; pornography; overeating) are noise.

Love is the signal.

The only way to receive the signal is to eliminate the noise and fear. The spiritual signal-to-noise ratio is the love-to-fear ratio in your life. Only you can improve it. If you want to hear the signal better, reduce the noise. If you want to experience your love, challenge your fear.

That is creating authentic power. When you create authentic power, your signal-to-noise ratio improves.

When you become authentically powerful, your signal is loud and clear twenty-four seven.

Linda & Gary
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