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This is a moment in the history of America and the history of the world in which we are beginning to experience in intimately personal terms the extent to which fear controls our activities. We are realizing for the first time as a species that personal growth is not a shallow or inconsequential activity. It is necessary and powerful. We are also appreciating for the first time as a species that challenging fear in ourselves and cultivating love in ourselves is the only way that we can change the world

All of this is entirely new. We are in completely new evolutionary terrain. There are no maps. All that we learned before – that our perception is limited to five senses, that power is the ability to manipulate and control, that individuals who do not possess it are insignificant – is now counterproductive. None of the old ways works any longer. New ways are calling to us.
They require commitmentcouragecompassion, and conscious communication and actions

Each choice of love is conscious participation in the evolution of your soul, in the evolution of all the collectives in which you participate, in the evolution of the Earth school, and in the evolution of Life itself. Each of us is responsible for what we create. The world reflects what we create. It shows us what we need to change in ourselves to create a reflection of harmonycooperationsharing, and reverence for Life.

We can learn this lesson from our experiences of this election, if we are open to learning it. This lesson is now coming into focus for millions as we evolve in an entirely different way, with an entirely different consciousness, and with an entirely different understanding of power – the alignment of the personality with the soul.

We have entered a startling new arena of human experience – the domain of nonphysical reality, Teachers, wisdom, and compassion. And our responsibilities in it are becoming unmistakable.

Linda & Gary
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