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Do you have a bucket list? Five-sensory humans think of physical experiences they want before they die, for example, parachuting, mountain climbing, or going to Paris. The parts of their personalities that originate in fear need experiences like these to make themselves feel valuable. Multisensory humans think of the contributions they can make to others and the world before their souls return to nonphysical reality, for example, tenderness, compassion, patience, and gratitude. The parts of their personalities that originate in love contribute these things continually, and contributing them brings meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to the personality.

As a personality ponders its limited time on the Earth, it is able to compare more clearly the experiences that it longs for from love and the experiences it desires from fear. Five-sensory bucket lists cannot satisfy multisensory humans, and multisensory bucket lists cannot satisfy five-sensory humans. Their perceptions, aspirations, and intentions are different.
A trip to Paris or sailing on an ocean are not always distractions from your fulfillment. But sometimes they are. Let meaning be your guide. Review your bucket list if you have one, or experiment with writing one. Then consider whether the goals on it are worthy of your remaining time in the Earth school.
Linda & Gary
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