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A spiritual partner in Las Vegas who knows how to create authentic power – who understands about emotional pain and the destructive consequences that follow from acting on it – was quiet and solemn. The terrible, senseless deaths, the deranged murderer, the grieving of those still alive, the shock of an impending nightmare become real and then gone, leaving a stunned silence filled with disbelief, then anger, rage, depression – all the experiences of frightened parts of the personality.
Our spiritual partner has helped many people develop emotional awareness and make responsible choices in difficult times. These are exactly the times when creating authentic power is most needed and most fruitful. A time when conscious choices to love, reach out, replace vengeance with compassion, and forgive are most difficult, and the rewards for doing these things while the emotional pain is greatest are the most freeing, unimaginable, and liberating.
All this presented itself to our spiritual partner in Las Vegas, and it presents itself to everyone day after day – when a death leaves us altered in ways we do not yet understand, when violence imposes itself. These things were close to her home because it was her neighbors, among others, who died and a neighbor who killed them.
Everyday millions of people suffer brutality and death – in sinking island nations, former colonies in worn-ravaged Africa, and megacities around the world. Their suffering is also close to home – our home. As our consciousness expands beyond the limitations of the five senses, our home becomes very large and the people in it become very close. Fear and death, love and blessing, self-service and selfless service are close to home for all of us. Every suffering and every joy is close to home.
The Lakota people say, “The joy of one is the joy of all, and the suffering of one is the suffering of all.” Everything that you do is close to home for everyone. Everything that I do is close to home for everyone.
What shall we do with this understanding?
Linda & Gary