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Don’t let the election in the United States be a distraction. Two political parties each pursuing external power have produced a destructive and predictable consequence. The pursuit of external power – the ability to manipulate and control – is now counterproductive to our evolution. It is toxic. This means that attempting to change circumstances in any way with external power will not produce the world that we desire – a world of harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. It will only contribute more to the world of what the world is currently made of – fear.

The only remedy to fear is love. The only place where you can choose between the intention of love and the intention of fear is in yourself. This is the contribution that you can make. It may seem a small contribution, but that is from the perspective of the five senses. From a multisensory perspective it is the strongest and most powerful contribution that you can make to our common collective. It is the most powerful and constructive contribution that you can make to Life. And it is the contribution that you were born to make.

To create with love requires you to identify fear in yourself and challenge it by not acting on it and instead act from the most loving part of your personality that you can. The frightened parts of your personality are those that you experience as anger, jealousy, resentment, terror, depression, humiliation, happiness at getting what you want, etc. The loving parts of your personality are those that you experience as gratitudeappreciationcaring, and patience, among others.

From a five-sensory perspective, it may appear impossible to be grateful or appreciative of an occurrence that you do not want to happen. From a multisensory perspective, it is an opportunity to grow spiritually, and opportunities to grow spiritually are always being offered to us in the intimacy of our own experiences, no matter what is happening outside of us such as a 911 type event or a macro event such as the election of an American president that was created by the same energy, the energy of fear.

Now is the time to come to terms with the energy of fear in you, to use your courage to experience fear fully emotionally in terms of physical sensations in your body and to challenge it by choosing consciously to act with an intention of love. Look for what you can find to be grateful for in the world around you. See what you can find about yourself and change in yourself for the better. Create authentic power.
This is our opportunity. This is always our opportunity.
Everything else is a distraction.
Linda & Gary
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