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Mother Teresa said, “We cannot do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” In my experience, the smallest things require the greatest love. The smallest things we do are the intimate and personal choices we make each moment before we act. These choices are always between the intention of love and the intention of fear – between gratitude, caring, and patience, among others, and anger, jealousy, righteousness, among others.

These choices appear to us as as the smallest of small things, as interior experiences that we alone can enter and alter. Yet with our choices of love or fear we create the consequences of our lives and the contributions we make to the world. These choices are the origins of all things, great and small, they alone animate the one who chooses. You are the one who chooses.

When you do these “small things” with great love, your great love manifests in the Universe. When you do them with great fear, your great fear manifests. We cannot do great things with great love – only the small things that always create constructive consequences. Do you smile with joy (love), or to manipulate (fear)? Are you tender in order to nurture (love) or to create an image of a tender person?
Do you do make your choices with great love, or do you distract yourself with thoughts about “great things” and “small things”?
Linda & Gary

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