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Spiritual partnerships are partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. They are for intimate couples and anyone who intends to become emotionally aware, self-responsible, and inwardly secure.

Spiritual partners help one another recognize parts of their personalities that come from love – such as gratitude, patience, and caring – and cultivate them by acting on them consciously. They also help one another recognize parts of their personalities that come from fear -such as anger, jealousy, and righteousness -and challenge them by acting from loving parts of their personalities (such as patience) when frightened parts (such as impatience) are active.

Spiritual partners say to one another, “If you think you see something in me (a frightened or loving part of my personality), and you think I might not see it, and you think I would benefit from seeing it, will you tell me?” This is the last thing friends want to say to one another or hear from one another They say things like, “Everything will be OK. This will work out fine.”
Friendships are parts of an old human consciousness that is dying. Spiritual partnerships are parts of a new human consciousness that is being born. Friends try not to stir the water. Spiritual partners stir the water with love. They intend to support one another in seeing what in the water prevents their joy and what creates it

Your Spiritual Partner,.

Linda & Gary
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