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What would a conscious Christmas look like? It would look like the Christ – loving others, caring about others without second agendas, no attempt to impress, patient, and caring. It would not be limited to a day, evening, or night. It would not be a special event. It would be a life-long endeavor, focusing the power of goodnesscompassion, and Divinity onto to every interaction and experience. It would be willful, not mindlessly habitual. It would demand commitment and an elevated perception. It would be the experiences of lovewisdom, and compassion brought into the matter of your life.

Who would benefit from a conscious Christmas? Everyone. It would cleanse the road film of sentimentality from our experiences, wipe clean the lens of our expanded perception, replace every distortion of anger, jealousy, resentment, superiority and inferiority with clarity, and free us from fear. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, recognizing the differences between a conscious Christmas and a commercial Christmas will help you recognize the differences between a conscious life and an unconscious life.

Quality time with family and friendsvs.       impatience, overwhelm and stress
Aware and healthy interactionsvs.habitual and unexamined interactions
Compassion for others and yourselfvs.judging others and yourself
Seeing from an impersonal perspectivevs.taking things personally
Cultivating love at every chancevs.indulging fear (impatience, anger, etc.) at every chance
Being kind (no second agendas) so others will like you
True and deep connectionsvs.sentimental interactions
Acting and speaking with integrityvs.letting things slide because it’s the holidays
Conscious use of out of obligation or need to please
Healthy, conscious eatingvs.eating and drinking to cover pain
Open heartednessvs.evaluating, assessing, judging others

In short, a conscious Christmas is filled with experiences of love and an unconscious Christmas is filled with experiences of fear. Only an empowered heart creating without attachment to the outcome can live a conscious Christmas, and only a heart clouded by lack of self-worth and searching for value outside of itself can experience an unconscious Christmas.

This mirrors the creation of authentic power – the alignment of the personality with the soul – and the pursuit of external power – ability to manipulate and control. Every deed, word, and gift at Christmas can express the creation of authentic power or the pursuit of external power. The intention that you hold as you act and speak makes the difference.
May your Christmas this year – and all your times – be heart-filled, joyful, and fulfilling.
Linda & Gary
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